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About Lorey's Craft & Candles

Unmatched Artisanship

The mission of Lorey's Craft & Candles is simple. We strive to keep our customers happy and healthy amidst the chaos of modern life. To do so, we design scent profiles that promote groundedness and well-being.

Since 2021, we have crafted unique blends of natural plants, minerals and oils that originate near our Columbus, Mississippi Home. Each product helps root you in a home that is solely yours, while also connecting you to the environment we all share. We know that what is good for you must also be good for the earth.

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Our Story

In our home city of Columbus Mississippi, Lorey's Craft & Candles has long been known for the delicate, alluring scents of our products. As we grow our business, we take pride in remaining committed to our original promise of developing those aromas that you like. We know that what is good for you must also be good for the Heart. We take pride in doing our best to deliver.  We are committed in keeping the promise.

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We Are Lorey's Craft & Candles

Crafted with Care

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Crafty Candles

Alluring scents will melt your hearts, while we continue to developing those aromas that you like with our all natural ingredients that is safe for the environment.

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